Youth for Humanity has organised various ‘bhandaras’ – an event aimed at fulfilling yet another basic need of the underprivileged. This event was first organised on 28th April 2014, at Husariya Chauraha, Gomti Nagar. This was followed by the distribution of sweet water to provide respite from the scorching heat in the month of May, in a separate event on 8th may, 2014. Good work knows no bounds and so, yet another Bhandara was organised on 23rd may, 2014, at Gomti Nagar. This time, we decided to aim higher and work towards the next logical step: providing food to the deprived. Malnutrition is one of the most serious problems in India, and is prevalent among both children and adults. Its gravity can be seen from the fact that around 3000 children die everyday from this disease. Even to this day, it is still largely overlooked. We at Youth for Humanity, however, pledged to do our part in this battle against this disease, and help out in whatever way we could. Our first food distribution event, the Bhandara, was executed near Husariya Chauraha in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. A proper lunch was served to the people in need. Our hearts swelled with pride, when few members of the general crowd, volunteered to help us carry out this initiative. It was at that moment, that we grasped the fact all that was needed was one step towards helping others, and soon the crowd would follow. After the distribution of food, one of our members came up with the idea of serving something sweet for our next event. We followed it right up, and organised a 'Sharbat Vitran' at the same place (Husariya Chauraha, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow) on May 8th 2014. We assisted the people in beating the heat with cold, refreshing sharbat. The turnout was huge, and amounted to around 300 people. Determined to do more, our young volunteers laboured day and night to organise another Bhandara Event for the underprivileged. On May 23rd 2014, the final Bhandara event took place near Husariya Chauraha, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. The diet served this time around was Khichdi. Despite heavy rains, the event proved to be an enormous success. The Bhandara undertook the production of 2 quintals of rice and 1 quintal of dal, all utilised to the full, and not even a single morsel wasted. The gratitude, and delight on the faces of the well fed were compensation enough for us here at Youth for Humanity, motivating us to work even harder.