The organisation strives to provide basic amenities to the needy. Water is one such basic need. Youth for Humanity has organised the installation of Ďpyausí, at various areas in Lucknow. This event has been organised multiple times and aids in providing clean drinking water during the sweltering heat. Everyone who lives in the Northern part of India, has experienced the scorching heat one is exposed to whenever a person steps out of their house, especially during the summer months- April, May and June. Life, however, still goes on and the hot weather becomes another struggle to go through. In such a situation, the availability of water turns into a matter of utmost importance, particularly affecting those who donít have access to such a basic need, even at their homes. With the installation of three different pyaus at several areas in one of the busiest regions of Lucknow, Youth for Humanity was successful in providing potable water to a number of people. The organisation, with the help of several good natured citizens, was responsible for the maintenance, which included the general cleanliness and the availability of water. As itís said, a tall drink of water goes a long way. This was proven with the sheer number of people who took respite from the heat with our help.