When we are ensconced in our warm beds in those chilly January nights, our less privileged friends are struggling outside to pass the night somehow. Thinking of this, Youth for Humanity, on the 8th of January, 2014, decided to distribute old woollen clothes, and quilts to our needy friends, near Hanuman Setu, and Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. This was also the very first event by our society (then named 'Sahyog'), that marked the inception of this organisation. Owing to a good publicising by the members, the event received a huge response in terms of donation of clothes, which were then distributed among over hundred people. The satisfaction and happiness we received by helping those in need was priceless, and reason enough for us to embark upon this path of doing good and serving humankind. Once again, in the month of Dec, 2016, Youth for Humanity took it upon themselves to provide some respite from the harsh winters to our less fortunate friends. And thus formalised Sahyog 2.0, albeit on a bigger scale than before. This was made possible by the various collection centres set up across schools and residential areas. The clothes thus collected were distributed among six slums in the city.