Upcoming Event.

Name of the Event: Drop of Hope 2.0
The second blood donation camp being organised by Youth for Humanity. Our hope is to get an even bigger response this time, and exceed our previous record of 81 units of blood. The venue and timings of the event shall be disclosed shortly.

Name of the Event: KADAM
An initiative taken under the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan,' this event would see installation of dustbins at overcrowded market areas, followed by a cleanliness awareness drive; a street play to spread the same message; and, felicitation of those vendors and shopkeepers who promote use of dustbins through their own example. Another plan of action under this event would be the identification and cleaning of illegal dumping sites in the city. The venue and timings for the same shall be disclosed shortly.

It's time that the society needs the youth to get involved in the betterment of their society , to make the society strong in terms of equality , education , standard living and many other factors. For a stable society all the wings of the society should have proper education and lifestyle, so let's take out some time to serve the people who need help to live a proper life and get involved in the mission of doing good.

Adopt a Child

This is an era of over booked schedules, maximum stimulation, competition, fast food and sound bites. We are so busy with daily activities that we ignore our surroundings and society. We at YOUTH FOR HUMANITY are working on a new project through


which everyone gets the opportunity to do good by sponsoring education of a child who is deprived from education. Your small monthly contribution guarantees your sponsored child receives benefits and


support that will bring a change in his or her life and also the society. For more detail contact: 09452222282 or youthforhumanity9@gmail.com


Be the change you wish to see. Because all change begins with an individual. Too often in life, we wait around for someone else to instigate the changes we want to see. We doubt our own ability and become paralyzed to action, thinking either we are not solely


capable of bringing the changes about, or that someone else will get around to it. We need immediate change in our country so please join our NGO so that we all can work as a team against poverty, illiteracy and all the evils for our society.


You can download the membership form and send us the filled for with membership fees (cash/cheque/DD) at our registered office our contact us or mail/sms us your request for membership.


Check out our latest projects.


Event 1: Sahyog

When we are ensconced in our warm beds in those chilly January nights, our less privileged friends are struggling outside to pass the night somehow. Thinking of this, Youth for Humanity, on the 8th of January, 2014, decided to distribute old woollen clothes, and quilts to our needy friends, near Hanuman Setu, and Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

Event 2: Pyau

The organisation strives to provide basic amenities to the needy. Water is one such basic need. Youth for Humanity has organised the installation of ‘pyaus’, at various areas in Lucknow.

Event 3: Bhandara

Youth for Humanity has organised various ‘bhandaras’ – an event aimed at fulfilling yet another basic need of the underprivileged. This event was first organised on 28th April 2014, at Husariya Chauraha, Gomti Nagar.

Event 4: Kalam

No skill is more crucial to the future of a child, or to a democratic and prosperous society, than literacy. Youth for Humanity stresses on the importance of education, and so under this initiative we took under our wing six less-privileged children, who couldn’t afford proper education, and helped them get admitted to one in the Prerna School Foundation, under Study Hall School, Gomti Nagar.

Event 5: Drop of Hope

The blood you donate might give someone, another chance at life. One day that someone could be a close relative, a friend, a loved one—or even you. ‘Drops of Hope’ is our annual blood donation event.

Event 6: Summer Safarai

We strongly stand against discrimination of any kind. Youth for Humanity endeavours to instil a feeling of equality in children. On the same lines, ‘Summer Safari’ is our grand event in which a summer camp is organised annually.

About Us

This is what we are.

Youth for humanity society Uttar Pradesh based Not-for-Profit & Non-Political Organisation works in bringing a change in the lives of underprivileged children, youth and women and promotes Creativity, Innovation, Peace, Harmony and Inclusive Development. The foundation of the society was laid down by Himanshu S Mishra and was strongly supported by Shreya Singh. The very first event of the society was held on 8th Jan. 2014 and was named Sahyog later the society was Registered as Youth For Humanity with Registrar of Societies Uttar Pradesh u/s 21 UP Societies (Revised) Act, 1860.

Founder Speaks:

Himanshu S Mishra.

Youth For Humanity is an organization that work for education, poverty, women empowerment and healthcare. We focus on providing basic education to children who are deprived of formal education because their parents cannot afford it ; providing one time

meal to those who survive on one time meal a day ; clothes and medical support to poor and also women empowerment programmes which enables women and adolescent girls, who belong to lower socio-economic strata, to lead a life of dignity through realisation of their self-esteem

and inner- potential. We firmly believe that "We cannot build the future for our society but we can build our society for the future ". Join us and help us in our mission. Your little support will mean a lot.

Mission and Vision.

Providing education to underprivileged children, eradication of poverty, women empowerment and healthcare. Our main aim is to work for change and development of our society.


Registered with Registrar of Societies Uttar Pradesh u/s 21 UP Societies (Revised) Act, 1860. Registration No.59 -2014-2015. Dated: 10/04/2014.

Permanant Members.

Himanshu S Mishra
President and CEO
Shreya Singh
Vice President (administration) and Chief Administrative Officer
Sajal Bajpai
Vice president (Operation) and Chief Operative officer
Amit Bhatt
Permanent Member
Mirnal Khatnani
Permanent Member

Office Bearers.

Preeti Sawlani
Abhishek Mishra
Joint Secretary
Eshita Shukla

Domain Heads.

Aayushi Mishra
Public Relations
Gunjan Singh
Trisha Singh
Social Media and Publicity
Maulshree Srivastava
Pooja Mishra
Apoorvaa Singh
Head Content Writer

Advisory Board

Dr. Satyadeo Mishra.


Mr. Ghanshyam Bhatt.


Mr. R.K. Bajpai.


Dr. Abhishek S Mishra.


Dr. Shailesh Mishra.

Principal, SDMMV

Mr. Nikhil Gupta.

Chartered accountant

Dr. Santosh Mishra.


Dr. Rita Mishra.

Director, Shanti Group of Institutions

Mr. Anand Rastogi.


Prof. S.R Musanna.

Dean, Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow

Dr. Madan Khurana.

Higher Education Service Commission

Mr. Prabhat S Mishra.


Dr. Shailesh Mishra.

Principal, SDMMV

Mr. Nikhil Gupta.

Chartered accountant

Dr. Santosh Mishra.


Dr. Rita Mishra.

Director, Shanti Group of Institutions

Mr. Utkarsh Tiwari.



What people are saying.

Sanu SahuStudent

"Fascinating, Philanthropic work for Humanity without selfishness". You all are doing superb work. Everyone who is capable of doing such thing must do this. It takes drop by drop to fill a pitcher. A little Mankind of today may give a tremendous outcome tomorrow. Providing basic education for children who are much far from education, Giving clothes to those who really need it, are best example of mankind. Doing this wonderful work, you(YOUTH For Humanity) are doing great job. Keep it up. May The Almighty help you... :)

VIVEK GUPTA Professional

Brothers its so nice to see you all are putting so much effort for such a generous cause and that too at such a young age. You truly define youth. I totally second you for your initiative in helping unprivileged children for their most important right that is to be educated. Keep it up guys.


It is very very good to do such things for huminity.You people are doing a great job for bringing the human rights altogether. Its a great work. We are all with you, keep doing such fantastic work.

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